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Now you will not find a person who do use social media or any other site like YouTube or Google. It is demand of time and now people cannot ignore the demand. Internet is very popular tool for finding many popular need. It is now class of basic need. Everywhere people want to use internet and W-Fi gives that facility to all of the people. In the same times, multiple users can use internet together wirelessly. This is very amazing thing. So, you need to setup Wi-Fi in your home or your office. That is why, you have to buy a router and you can but you should buy from the Asus, Belkin, Compex, Cisco, Linksys, D-link etc. You will love all of those popular routers and you should choose any one.
After buying the router, you have to connect all of the necessary thing which you have found inside of the router box. You will get router, power and Ethernet cable, router manual, additional papers etc. You should read all of the papers and manual to know more about the router. Because you have to find out the default IP address, username and password. The default IP address of above devices is The default IP address is setup by the manufacture and you should not change the default IP address until IP address confliction problem occurs. IP address confliction problem solve by changing the default IP address. You cannot use internet until you fix the problem. However, make sure you have connected all of the cables and device properly and run the computer and router.
Setting of the router is inside of the router. In the router control panel, you will get Wi-Fi setting and Wi-Fi security. Some other important settings are inside of the router in the router. You should setup internet in the router by the Wizard tool. This tool lets you, setup internet in the router first. Everything is very easy if you follow instruction properly from the router manual. You need the default IP address, username and password. Now use any browser as a login tool. One the address bar and type the IP address and hit on the Enter button. On the next step, you will get username and password box where you need to type those asking information and you will be logged in. Now you should save in the router.
Now you have logged in the router control and setup all setting for Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi security. Now you will be logged in and you can do all necessary things what you want to do. You may need to change the default IP address to any other when you will face IP confliction problem. You should not change the default IP address until you face that IP address problem. You should read the router instruction from the router manual. Later I will explain how to change the default IP address and setup new IP address and later you will know how an IP address can be fake.
You cannot use internet until fix the IP address confliction problem solve. For changing the default IP address, you have to login to the router control panel. When you change the default IP address, then you need to keep the IP class as same as before. The IP class of this IP address is C and you should not change the IP address from front. If you do so, then the router does not accept it. You need to change the IP address from back side. You can use any number from 0 to 255 in the place of X of the IP address 192.168.X.X. You can make the manual IP address as or anything. Now save the router page if you setup a new IP address in the device.
The IP address become false IP address when you add letter in the IP address. When you change the default IP address to any other IP address, then you must not use letter, symbol or sign and space in the manual IP address. Those things make the IP address wrong and the device will not keep the IP address in it. You have to use correct IP address of correct format, then the IP address will be accepted. Do not put extra or less dot in the IP address. In a correct IP address, you will get 3 dots only.
You should think about the Wi-Fi security. Because it is very easy to hack if it remains insecure. You can change the default IP address for router security but you do not need to do this. You just change the default username and password. For Wi-Fi security, you should think most, you should change the SSID network name, use a hard and combined password, use encrypted security etc. Some new routers added some new features and you should read the router manual to know more about the latest features. Some new routers have all of those modern facilities what you need to use.
The ping command can be crated with the IP address and if your router use default IP address, then you should use “ping” command. This ping command is called “a ping”. Many users do not know where to use the command. You need to open command prompt page and you can run the page from start menu. When you click on the Command prompt page, then a black screen will appear and there you will use the command.
You can use “ipconfig” command on the same page. By this command, you can learn more information about the current IP address. If the current IP address, then you will see it in the default gateway. You can use continuous ping command “ping -t” to know more information. Thus you can easily identify the router and computer problem. The continuous ping command does not stop until you command it to stop. The continuous ping command can be stopped by your command. You can use shortcut key CTL+ C and CTL + break to pause or cancel the command. When the command will be stopped, then you will see summery information what you saw from the “a ping” command. Experts suggest users to use continuous ping command to save time and to know more information.
The router problem may be solved with the router manual. If you manual properly, then you will get many instructions which will help you to solve router problem and Wi-Fi troubleshooting. You can visit other websites like YouTube and some Blogs to know more about routers and Wi-Fi. You can use YouTube to follow video instruction. You can use Yahoo.com to find out more appropriate data for your routers. Many users get frustrated too soon. They should contact with router manufacturer and vendor if the problem is very serious. They will provide your free service if the device covers warranty. If not, then you have to somewhat.